Premium Aircraft Dry-Wash Detailing

At Bishop's Aviation Detailing, we offer premium dry-wash services that deliver meticulous cleanliness with a superior gloss finish, surpassing traditional wet washing in both appearance and protection. Our approach focuses on detail-oriented cleaning, ensuring every inch of your aircraft shines perfectly, all done without moving your aircraft an inch.

Spotless results from the convenience of your hangar.

This service is designed for convenience, allowing the detailing to take place directly at your hangar without moving the aircraft. It caters to owners who value precision and preservation, ensuring the aircraft remains in pristine condition. With a focus on detail and quality, our service offers the ultimate in aircraft care and maintenance.

Service Benefits

Preserve aircraft beauty and value with Bishop's Detailing. Protect your investment. Elevate appearance and longevity.

  • Precision Cleaning: We meticulously clean small sections at a time for flawless results.

  • Glossier Finish: Our dry-wash technique enhances your aircraft’s gloss, making it stand out.

  • Corrosion Prevention: Avoid water pooling in areas not visible from a walk around.

  • Paint Protection: Our gentle technique keeps your aircraft’s paint pristine, avoiding brush marring.

Experience the Bishop's difference with a service designed to preserve the beauty and value of your aircraft. Protect and perfect your investment with Bishop's Aviation Detailing. Contact us to elevate your aircraft's appearance and longevity today.

Is dry-wash detailing safe for all types of aircraft?

Yes, our dry-wash detailing process is safe for all types of aircraft. We use techniques and products that are gentle, yet effective on a wide range of materials, including paint, brightwork, windscreens, windows, and landing gear. We also take special care around sensitive areas such as pitot tubes, static ports, static wicks, and other critical components to ensure the utmost safety and integrity of your aircraft during the detailing process.

Should I be worried about scratches on my windscreen or windows?

No, there's no need to worry about scratching on your windscreen or windows. We employ aircraft-specific products and dedicated towels for windscreens and windows to avoid cross-contamination and ensure scratch-free results. Our specialized cleaning procedure lets the products do the work safely, maintaining your windscreens' clarity.

Will dry-wash detailing scratch my aircraft's paint?

Absolutely not. Unlike traditional wet washing, which can leave brush-induced scratches on your paint job. We utilize plush microfiber towels designed to gently wick away dirt and contaminants from your aircraft's surface. This method ensures a scratch-free finish, preserving your aircraft's appearance and protecting its value. With our approach, your aircraft remains pristine and gleaming.

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